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Random Jobs

Provide you 100 Stumbleupon 100 Delicious for your site or blog or YouTube video

I will Provide you 100 Stumbleupon... for $5

I will submit your blog or website to the best 2 social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, and... Read more

by imimia 
make imacro script

I will make imacro script for $10

I can also make a imacro code to extract text from webpages and save it to your desktop. (1) Web... Read more

by inoshalakmali 
do 100 digg

I will do 100 digg for $100

When you page is submitted to Digg, Google tracks that post and indexes it accordingly. Digg Read more

by gooz 
convert your handwritten English document having up to ten pages to a text file

I will convert your handwritten... for $5

Are you too busy writing things down, and don't have time to get them all into electronic form?... Read more

by fishytuna 
give Email Marketing Director

I will give Email Marketing Director for $25

If you're serious about email marketing and want the best tool for the job, Marketing Director is... Read more

by Mykey 

Top Rated Jobs

provide high stable proxy list daily (for 1 week)

I will provide high stable proxy... for $5

I will provide high quality, highly accurate and stable proxy list daily and each lists are... Read more

by admintools 
web research and collect 30 records

I will web research and collect 30... for $5

I'm an Italian mother tongue marketing and art professional with 10+ years of experience. I'll... Read more

by freemusicpicture 
make freelancer profile and pass the basic exam

I will make freelancer profile and... for $10

As you know most of you want to earn some great money online with freelancer, but the main issue... Read more

by smart 
give you 100 real  facebook likes for your fan page

I will give you 100 real facebook... for $5

I will give you 100 % 100 real Facebook likes for your fan page for 5USD with in 3 days. Note:... Read more

by medbelhadi 
make imacro script

I will make imacro script for $25

Automate your web task with iMacros Script. save time & enjoy your work. i will do simple iMacros... Read more

by muthumuni